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The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company Historical Archives


The need to dispel the many rumours in circulation about the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company has quickly become more and more urgent.

Apart from the constant queries we receive in person from members of the public, we have been literally inundated by a piece of email from a gentleman named "Fatal-Khaos", who was kind enough to write:

"Your site has many splenders of the deathly kind & i hope too get your new pump em' full o' lead monthly subscription."

This left us a little confused, as we don't actually offer any kind of monthly subscription, but kind words nonetheless.

Mr Khaos then went on to ask many questions which were already familiar to most of the sales representatives, and indeed to the Company Psychiatrist come to that. So much so that we decided to establish one truly reliable source of information that would be available to all HLBS-ologists the world over: the HLBS Historical Archives.

So whether you're an academic or just plain nosey, we hope you'll find something in our archives to interest you.

Thanks for your letter Mr Khaos. We hope you get better soon.

Available Documents

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